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ZAG, Bandai Link ‘Zak Storm’ Show, Toys, Mobile Game

All three expressions of the property will interact in new ways under deal between producer ZAG and toy maker Bandai America.

GLENDALE, CALIF. -- Animation producer ZAG has teamed up with Bandai America to connect the new animated TV series Zak Storm -- Super Pirate with toys and a mobile game in new ways.

Created by Man of Action Entertainment, Zak Storm -- Super Pirate debuted in the United States on Discovery Family and Sinclair Broadcast Group's KidsClick TV.

When kids watch the TV series, it will sync with the Zak Storm -- Super Pirate free-to-play mobile game to deliver small-screen battles and adventures that mimic the real-time TV show scenes. This in turn provides the player digital game rewards.

Expanding the experience is Zak Storm toys from Bandai America, available exclusively in the U.S. at Amazon for the month of November. Each comes with collectible treasure that provides rewards for the Zak Storm mobile game. Kids scan the unique QR code on the collectible treasure into the free to play app to receive weapons, powers, worlds, strength, health and much more in the mobile game.

With the Zak Storm -- Super Pirate app, players take on the role of Zak Storm as he assembles his crew, explores the treacherous seas, and confronts Skullivar’s minions in battle. Ultimately, the player’s journey centers on digital gameplay powered by physical toy scanning -- and that journey syncs with the TV show to level-up both digital and physical experiences.

The Zak Storm -- Super Pirate app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play, as well as Amazon for Fire tablets.

“We have had an overwhelming response from kids to Zak Storm -- Super Pirate in the countries where the TV series has already premiered, and we are excited to launch this digital trifecta that allows kids to synergistically play across the Zak Storm world via multiple platforms for a truly unique play experience,” says Jeremy Zag, founder and CEO of ZAG. “We have created endless possibilities for fun, as kids are rewarded for doing what they already love to do: watch, play and level-up.”

Zak Storm -- Super Pirate follows the adventures of the headstrong Zak Storm, a seemingly typical kid who is swept into the Bermuda Triangle -- the cosmic “junk drawer” of the universe -- while trying to win a surfing competition. Discovering an enchanted talking sword, Zak is magically transformed into the swashbuckling, renegade super pirate hero, Zak Storm. Bravely committing to serve as the captain of a high-tech, living ship, called The Chaos, Zak encounters the Triangle's seven mysterious seas while battling villains and creatures with the help of a unique crew of misfits.

Source: ZAG

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