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Yusuke Murata’s Upcoming ‘Zaiyuki’ Anime Project Revealed

Led by the ‘One-Punch Man’ illustrator’s new anime outlet, Village Studio, the show is heavily influenced by the classic Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West.’

One-Punch Man illustrator Yusuke Murata has graced fans with a sneak peek of the upcoming project, Zaiyuki, from his new anime outlet Village Studio. Murata took to Twitter to reveal not only a rough animated teaser, but detailed sketches of main characters Kappa Gojyo, Treasure Hunter Xuanzang, Ros, and Seiten Daisho. Check out the first looks now:

While plot details and a release date have yet to be revealed, Murata previously stated Zaiyuki is based on Journey to the West, a classic Chinese novel from the 16th century that has inspired every facet of the entertainment industry, including Dragon Ball, LEGO, video games, and many others.

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