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yummico Launches New E-Book Series

yummico launches The Adventures of Ash & Ollie, a new e-book series written by Caroline Baron and illustrated by Traci Paige Johnson.

New York, NY -- yummico, the children’s media company co-founded by Blue’s Clues creator Traci Paige Johnson and feature film producer Caroline Baron, launched the new preschool series The Adventures of Ash & Ollie

Featuring two mischievous brothers, The Adventures of Ash & Ollie is a fun and funny buddy adventure,using visual storytelling and physical comedy to frame stories that focus on the social, emotional and behavioral skills children need for success in school and everyday life. For Ash and Ollie, every day begins in an ordinary way, then explodes into a world of imagination and exploration.

Ash & Ollie’s curriculum revolves around the myriad of childhood development issues parents deal with everyday - sleep, sibling rivalry, sharing, following rules, understanding feelings, confronting fear, screen time, etc.  Life lessons are seamlessly integrated into the action inside the story, allowing kids to learn positive lifestyle habits for themselves, while setting up the structure for parents to speak with their kids about these issues.

The debut Ash & Ollie release, written by Baron and illustrated by Paige Johnson is the enhanced e-book Screen Time, about the topical issue of kids’ computer, tablet and smartphone usage.  Screen Time is produced in collaboration with Fingerprint, the first kids’ mobile learning and entertainment network.  In Screen Time, Ash and Ollie can’t wait to play games on Daddy’s phone or on the computer.  But how much time is too much, and what are the rules?  Respecting their parents’ rules, the boys do their chores and then get to explore and play on their devices.  Before they ‘turn out like zombies for staring too long,’ they go outside to join their ‘own social network’ - a play date.

Enhanced features on the e-book include animation and games, with rich, page turn animation and touch and swipe interactions.  Screen Time will be released in September for both the iOS and Android operating systems.

yummico launched earlier this year with the critically acclaimed and award-winning app Yummilloo Rainbow Power, the first in the Yummiloo musical food adventure series. Yummiloo Rainbow Power received top ratings from reviewers such as Common Sense Media and has been ‘New and Noteworthy’ on the iTunes store every week since its March release.  Yummiloo Rainbow Power has been honored as an award winner from both Creative Child Magazine and Parent Tested, Parent Approved (PTPA).

“Screen time is a fact of life -- how you manage it is unique to each family.  Everyone is different and everyone has to figure out what works best for them,” added Paige Johnson. “It is our hope that this e-book can help guide that process.  And then, when Screen Time is done, it will be time for the family to go find something else to do together!”

“Like Yummiloo Rainbow Power, Screen Time delivers a rich and entertaining experience for kids while at the same time teaching them powerful lessons about life,” said Baron.  “That’s why we call yummico ‘delicious media, good and good for you.’  It’s important to us to deliver media that gives parents a way to engage with their kids around these issues, because parents need an ally in this media saturated landscape.”

Source: yummico

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