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youAR Unveils Secret Augmented Reality Tech Demo

Hidden away since 2014, Bent’s Dragon tech demo demonstrates that 3D animated characters can move freely while interacting with objects in real time.

AR Dragon app in action.

Emerging from stealth mode after three years, Bent Image Lab’s youAR platform is leading the way in Augmented Reality real-time multiplayer interaction and environmental logic systems. “Everyone who sees the demonstration is amazed,” said said Bent CEO Ray Di Carlo. 

Now, for the first time, the demo is available to be viewed online. Bent’s secret Dragon tech demo has been hidden away since August of 2014. Subsequent Bent demos include a multiplayer Pokémon Go parody demonstrated live in parks, airports, hotel rooms, a Korean fish market and at Samsung’s SAIT lab in Suwon South Korea.

“When we first dreamed up youAR in 2013, we were looking to make Augmented Reality content that was magical and inspiring,” said Di Carlo. “Other AR apps and platforms being made at the time were neither.”

Over the last 2 years, Di Carlo traveled to New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and Asia to privately demonstrate that 3D animated characters could move freely around while interacting with real objects in any environment in real time.

“Agency meetings would start with a few people and balloon up to twenty or more before we would be asked to return and present the demo for the top brass,” said CTO Carlo Calica, describing the excitement.

“It got kind of crazy -- we soon had people flying in, under NDAs, to visit our studio in Portland Oregon just to see our demonstrations,” recalled Di Carlo.

Di Carlo recently shared the youAR Augmented Reality Development research that many major advertising agencies and Bent AR confidants have been tracking since 2013 at the Spark Animation 2016: Business Symposium as a Disruptive Technology panelist. The demonstration videos show how Bent’s youAR platform provides real time game states and animations that can be customized and transferred to any physical environment.

Source: Bent Image Lab