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You Can’t Make This Up: Animated ‘Stormy Daniels: Space Force’ in Development

Gaelston Media and Tidal Wave Production to co-develop and produce an animated series, based on the comic book, aimed at the aged-up, adult-geared market.

Gaelstone Media has partnered with Tidal Wave Productions to develop and produce an animated version of the “Stormy Daniels: Space Force” comic book. The company will be working directly with Tidal Wave Productions’ Darren G. Davis, Bohemia Group, and Stormy Daniels to develop an animated Stormy Daniels: Space Force series and help it find a home on a network or streaming service.

The comic follows the adventures of Captain Stormy Daniels, who commands the Helix, a starship serving the United Republic of Earth and its leader, “very stable genius” OrDon. Daniels and her crew, capitalists at heart, are for hire. It’s Barbarella-meets-Star Trek-meets-Stripperella in a racy comedy, action and adventure series starring Daniels.

“Gaelstone Media are honored and humbled to be working with such an amazing company as Tidal Wave Productions, Darren G. Davis, Stormy Daniel and the entire crew to bring this fantastic project to life,” commented Gaelstone Media CEO, founder and co-creative director, J. Robert Bryans. “The ’Stormy Daniels: Space Force’ comic book is a perfect contender for the aged-up, adult geared animated market. If you are a fan of strong, if not at times racy female led stories like Stripperella, you will enjoy the thrills, chills and sometimes spills in this series.”

“Nonfiction stories are sometimes more entertaining than those involving capes and tights,” added Tidal Wave publisher Darren G. Davis. “In this case, the news supersedes traditional comic book subjects, wouldn’t you say?”

Source: Gaelston Media