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Xsens Releases MVN Analyze and MVN Animate 2019

New update to industry-leading inertial motion capture solution adds a suite of enhancements including support for multi-level scenario capture.

Enschede, Netherlands -- Xsens, a leading innovator in inertial-based motion tracking technology, has announced the official release of MVN 2019 for its Analyze and Animate product lines.

After introducing Xsens’ groundbreaking new motion capture Engine, this new release adds a range of new features including HD reprocessing for multi-level scenarios making it possible to accurately capture a subject in situations such as climbing a wall or stairs without compromising data quality.

In response to demand from customers in its respective market, this update also includes Chinese (simplified) language support in both Analyze and Animate software interfaces.

Furthermore, MVN 2019 adds a number of other improvements. “In-capture” enhancements include a revised approach to the biomechanical model for pelvis and head positioning and redefined foot details for gait analysis. Post-capture, the update allows users to plot multiple parameters onto graphs for analysis and the possibility to swap trackers for on-body recorded files.

MVN 2019 is Xsens' proprietary motion capture software. It is used in conjunction with Xsens MVN suits and hardware to record, monitor and analyze movement. Xsens MVN solutions are based on fusing inertial technologies such as gyroscopes, accelerometers, and magnetometers to capture movement.

The benefit to users of an inertial motion capture suit is that they can capture anywhere, in any environment, with total confidence -- and without the need for markers, volumes and cameras or extensive post-capture clean-up or editing.

The Xsens MVN 2019 update is available for all existing customers with a valid support contract and will be shipped as standard with every new Xsens purchase.

Watch MVN 2019 in action in the player below:

“Since our groundbreaking 2018 release, we have observed content creation studios and academic research departments are adopting inertial motion capture into their ‘tool set’ at an ever increasing rate as the standard of quality in the data recorded has reached such high levels,” Xsens product manager Hein Beute commented. “The MVN 2019 software update showcases our commitment to continuous product improvement and innovation. We love seeing what our customers achieve with our tech and our teams at Xsens will continue to keep pushing what is possible in inertial motion capture.”

Xsens delivers state-of-the-art mocap solutions to the triple-A game developers and leading VFX studios across the globe. Xsens mocap systems have powered numerous high-end productions and franchises, including Avengers: Infinity War, Black Panther, FIFA, X-Men, Iron Man, Hellblade and Fallout 76.

Source: Xsens