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Xsens Launches MotionCloud Platform – Watch Cardi B in MVN Action

Cloud-based platform makes motion capture projects achievable with multiple users working simultaneously at different locations; see it in action in Cardi B’s new mini reality series Cardi Tries where she creates a video game with the Xsens MVN Animate suit.

Xsens, an innovator in inertial motion tracking technology for 3D character animation, sports, health, and ergonomics, has launched its state-of-the-art MotionCloud platform. The cloud-based platform connects the Xsens user-base with cloud computing, offering rapid cloud-based processing capabilities and automatic Xsens MVN reporting. A newly accessible price model will provide studios and research facilities access to the precise inertial motion capture solution.

MotionCloud enables global connectivity:

MVN users can now run motion capture projects in multiple locations simultaneously around the world. For example, a creative studio shooting mocap sessions in London can process its data at high speeds using MotionCloud, before sharing that same data with animators in LA to drive the movements of realistic, CG characters.

See MotionCloud in action:

In rapper, actress, and TV personality Cardi B’s new mini reality series Cardi Tries on Facebook's Messenger platform, she explores new and unconventional activities; in one of the latest episodes, she created a video game with the Xsens MVN Animate suit.

In the episode, Cardi Tries invites viewers along for the motion capture process – the rapper and her husband, Offset, are filmed entering the studio, trying on the suits, and creating the movement data for their video game characters. After allowing the couple to navigate the space and get creative with their movement, the action capture team got to work calibrating the body bands and making the avatar production – controlling the environment, getting solid calibration, and ensuring no hiding signal.

In their studio experience, Cardi and Offset naturally made use of spatial factors, producing positional data that producers utilized to create better input chemistry in the final rigging. Collecting the data, the actor capture team of game developers and designers went on to develop two video games. One, a normal combat style called Cardi B Combat, and the other, a third person open world, Cardi B Quest.Cardi B 1-1

MotionCloud unrestrained:

Xsens users are not limited by on-premises hardware – MotionCloud offers fast data analysis at speeds far beyond the capabilities of any individual computer. For researchers, the MotionCloud platform provides enhanced processing capabilities and improved collaboration. Connecting to the cloud transforms the capabilities of studios and research facilities everywhere.

“This is not a generic cloud solution for data storage, it’s a state-of-the-art, innovative, and specialist platform, designed for creatives and researchers seeking the most accurate, comprehensive and easy-to-use, motion capture data and reporting,” shared 3D Body Motion business director Rob Löring. “MotionCloud enables complete control and freedom to MVN users. We’ve made the offering incredibly flexible. The cloud has allowed us to open up prices to indie and small studios or research facilities that can now affordably use our world-class mocap solution. We want our service to cater for the entire market, enhancing the world’s biggest studios while providing access to users with fewer resources available.”

A new pricing mode has been introduced allowing users to customize their overall package and tailor it to their own individual requirements. Visit Xsens for additional information.

Source: Xsens