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Xsens Indie Program Brings Mocap to the Masses

New initiative gives indie creatives access to Hollywood-grade motion capture technology.

Enschede, Netherlands -- 3D motion tracking technology developer Xsens has announced its Xsens Indie Program -- a new initiative designed to democratize the use of its Hollywood-grade motion capture solutions.

The Xsens Indie Program has been launched to support inspiring up-and-coming talent. It will provide indies, student teams, young studios and game devs with access to Xsens’ production-grade mocap technology at an entry-level budget.

Those that qualify receive a free Xsens software subscription for one year, and only need to cover the cost of the affordable Xsens mocap hardware, resulting in huge savings across the board.

Over the last 10 years, Xsens has delivered state-of-the-art mocap solutions to the triple-A game development industry and leading VFX studios across the globe. Xsens mocap systems have powered numerous high-end productions, including Independence Day: Resurgence, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, FIFA, and much anticipated titles LawBreakers and Hellblade.

“The Xsens Indie Program gives us the luxury of capturing anywhere, without having to rent out a stage or employ a huge team of technical operators,” comments Dominika Osak, Producer at Badi Badi. “We can accomplish what larger studios are doing with less space, less equipment, and in a shorter time frame. The benefits cannot be overstated.”

Xsens Indie Program key facts:

  • Studios invest in Xsens hardware
  • Free Xsens software for participants in the first year
  • Access to ongoing support via BASE community
  • Available to companies with turnover under ~750k (EUR/USD)

 “We understand that for small studios and indie developers, cost of entry to high-end mocap solutions can be a barrier to quality creative output,” comments Hein Beute, Director of Product Marketing at Xsens. “The Xsens Indie Program has been designed to make it easier for smaller studios to access Xsens triple-A quality mocap solutions on a budget, delivering the stories they really want to tell.”

Xsens’ inertial approach to mocap includes full-body, wearable mocap MVN suits and straps. While conventional mocap systems use marker-based systems, Xsens’ inertial approach records the motion data of the performers’ movements. The flexibility of this approach enables actors to better focus on their performance. Xsens’ system is equally much better suited to on-location mocap shoots than traditional approaches. It excels in rough, rugged and uneven capture areas, and is incredibly robust, eradicating restrictions when stunts are needed, or if actors want to push their performances to the limit.

Source: Xsens

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