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Xiaolin Showdown Premieres On New Kids’ WB! Sked

The Kids' WB! 2003-2004 fall schedule launch continues with new programming for the season including the comedy-adventure series XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN, the next installments of YU-GI-OH!: ENTER THE SHADOW REALM and POKÉMON: ADVANCED and TEEN TITANS on Saturday mornings, beginning November 1, 2003.

November is filled with fun events including a special cameo appearance of favorite Looney Tunes character Speedy Gonzales on ¡MUCHA LUCHA! the morning of Saturday, Nov. 8. Kids will get hundreds of chances to win prizes all month long during the "Kids' WB! Crazy Takes Sweepstakes," "Super-Stuffed Saturday Sweepstakes" and the "Shop 'Til You Drop Sweepstakes."

Warner Bros. Animation-produced XIAOLIN SHOWDOWN joins the Kids' WB! Saturday morning schedule at 9:30 am. The mystical, high-adventure series with choked full of current comedy references is based on the ancient mythical Xiaolin martial arts inspired by Chinese monks thousands of years ago.

Omi, a young, gifted monk-in-training from the Xiaolin Temple, must show his fellow trainees - J-pop hipster girl Kimiko, flashy, street smart Brazilian Raimundo and Texas Kung Fu cowboy Clay - around the world to find and protect sacred ancient artifacts. These sacred objects with supernatural powers called the Shen Gong Wu are keys to controlling the powers of good and evil. These can only be captured after an extreme, gravity-defying, martial art-inspired "double dare" showdown occurs.

Challenging the trainees is evil boy genius Jack Spicer and his custom-built robot army, along with the ancient witch Wuya - all competing for these objects in extreme Xiaolin Showdowns.It is a tight race - for the one who gathers all of the Shen Gong Wu will become an unstoppable force for good...or evil!

There is an obvious POWERPUFF GIRLS design and staging influence on this colorful, richly designed production. There are many east meets west and old encounters high-tech cultural references that make way for comedy and adventure. Xiaolin is traditionally animated with some cg vehicle movements.

Created and produced by Christy Hui, Eric Radomski was supervising producer while Bill Motz and Bob Roth served as producer/story editors. Dan Riba, Steve Lyons and Tim Eldred directed the series with creative execs Kim Christianson and Christopher Keenan plus Sander Schwartz as exec producer.

Lisa Schaffer cast and directed the voice cast of Tara Strong (Omi), Grey DeLisle (Kimiko), Tom Kenny (Raimundo), Jeff Bennett (Clay), René Auberjonois (Master Fung), Wayne Knight (Dojo), Susan Silo (Wuya) and Danny Cooksey (Jack Spicer).

Also joining the Saturday morning schedule at 8:30 am from WBA and in conjunction with Cartoon Network, is the action-comedy-adventure series, TEEN TITANS, chronicling the high-flying escapades of a new young breed of superheroes. It premiered on Cartoon Network in July 2003.

The saga continues with the next evolution of the highly popular anime series POKÉMON: ADVANCED at 10:00 am. From 4Kids Prods. Inc., this new season follows Ash and Pikachu into the Hoenn Region, a land rife with mystery, adventure and more than a 100 Pokémon he's never seen nor heard before. As he journeys with two new friends into this unchartered territory, Ash must assemble an entirely new team of Pokémon captured in the region and also must learn new rules of Pokémon competition, adapt to new tools and technologies and embrace new modes of Pokémon challenges.

YU-GI-OH!: ENTER THE SHADOW REALM, the next installment from 4/Kids of the anime/adventure series at 11:00 am, follows the exploits of high school student Yugi, who has a magical secret that comes to life when he plays his favorite card game "Duel Monsters." In this intriguing third season Yugi must escape from the virtual world before his friends are lost forever in the Shadow Realm.

On Nov. 8, Kids' WB! welcomes the fastest mouse in all of Mexico, Speedy Gonzales, to Saturday morning as he makes a special guest-appearance on ¡MUCHA LUCHA! (10:30 am) when this original Looney Tunes character comes face-to-face with the three mascaritas in Flash animation.

All-new Kids' WB! animated bloopers and wacky outtakes, starring favorite backlot characters - and even a surprise special guest, will air throughout the Saturday morning lineup. To celebrate the craziest morning in Kids' WB! history, kids will have the chance to win Warner Bros. and Electronic Arts' Looney Tunes: Back in Action Game Cube video games and Nintendo Game Cube systems. Viewers will enter for a chance to win by visiting to vote for their favorite Crazy Take - with eight to choose from throughout the morning. Every kid will receive a Looney Tunes: Back in Action downloadable screensaver, just by voting.

The new Saturday morning line-up, beginning Nov. 1, is as follows (all times ET):