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Writers on the Storm Extends Deadline

Writers on the Storm Screenplay Competition 2007World Wide WebApril 15, 2007Deadline: April 15, 2007

With almost $15,000 cash and prizes, Writers on the Storm is the hottest new contest around. WOTS is from Coverage, Ink and includes more than 130 participating companies hand-picked for receptiveness to new writers. Top industry sponsors including CREATIVE SCREENWRITING, Writers Boot Camp, InkTip, Popular Films, Great American Pitchfest, Scriptblaster, Coverage Ink, Save the Cat!, The Writers Store, Done Deal Pro and many more. The entry fee is $35 and all entries receive feedback. Entry is free if you submit your script to for screenplay analysis before the final contest end date. All entries receive The Writers Store and Coverage, Ink discounts. For more information, visit

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