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The World of Sid & Marty Krofft comes to video

A boxed set of TV shows made by Sid and Marty Krofft in the 1970's collectsepisodes from thirteen Krofft programs, including the short programs thatwere part of "The Krofft Super Show," and will be released by Rhino HomeVideo on May 18 in the USA. These shows are not animated, but their cheesy"special effects" have a camp appeal for many fans of animation, especiallyfor the children of the Seventies.

Tape 1 (120 mins.) includes:

H.R. PUFNSTUF - "Book, Flute, & Candle" Episode 12. Jimmy finds Freddie TheFlute has been turned into a mushroom by the touch of Witchiepoo's evilmushrooms. The cure can be found only in a book inside Witchiepoo's castle.H.R. Pufnstuf, Kling & Klang, Jimmy, Dr. Blinky, and Waxy must steal thespell from Witchiepoo's castle to change Freddie back. Starring Jack Wild.

THE BUGALOOS - "Benita's Double Trouble"Episode 14. When Peter Platter asks the Bugaloos to host his radio show fora few days, Benita Bizarre throws a fit. She decides to kidnap Peter andforces him to tell the Bugaloos that she will be hosting the show instead.Starring Martha Raye.

LIDSVILLE - "Take Me To Your Rabbit"Episode 7. Hoo Doo and Raunchy Rabbit fly the hatamaran into a thunderstorm where a bolt of lightning transfers Hoo Doo's powers to thefrightened bunny. Now it's the furry henchman who has the power. Will HooDoo get his power back? Starring Charles Nelson Reilly.

SIGMUND AND THE SEA MONSTERS - "Trick Or Treat"Episode 13. It's Halloween, and Sigmund takes this opportunity to get into"costume" and go trick-or-treating with Johnny and Scott. His evilbrothers, Blurp and Slurp, kidnap him when they find out he's the winner ofa contest worth a lot of "clams." Starring Johnny Whitaker.

Tape 2 (120 mins.) includes:

LAND OF THE LOST - "Skylons"Episode 5. The action turns colorful and exciting as Marshall, Will, andHolly find the Land Of The Lost has gone insane with wild weather, amulti-colored Sky Snake, and a plague of biting white bugs.

FAR OUT SPACE NUTS - "Birds of a Feather"Episode 13. Junior and Barney arrive on the planet Vultron, inhabited by arace of bird people. The bird people capture the Space Nuts and force themto sit on an enormous egg until it hatches. Starring Bob Denver and ChuckMcCann.

THE LOST SAUCER - "Return to the Valley of the Chickaphants"Episode 10. When the saucer inhabitants visit a prehistoric land where ahybrid chicken-elephant creature lives, the Dorse brings aboard achickaphant egg that soon hatches. Starring Jim Nabors and Ruth Buzzi.

ELECTRAWOMAN AND DYNAGIRL - "The Pharaoh"Episode 6. When the greedy Pharaoh steals a powerful pyramid-prism from thetown museum to take over the world, ElectraWoman and DynaGirl are quick toconfront the threat. Starring Deidre Hall and Judy Strangis.

Tape 3 (150 mins.) includes:

DR. SHRINKER - "Slowly I Turn"Episode 9. The deranged doctor concludes that the only way he'll catch aShrinkie is to return one of them (Gordie) temporarily to his normal size.Gordie then suffers amnesia and is tricked into thinking he's Dr. Shrinkerto help capture Brad and B.J. Starring Jay Robinson and Billy Barty.

WONDERBUG - "Maltese Gooneybird"Episodes 5. Susan collides with a sinister-looking patron as she leaves thepost office and accidentally picks up the wrong package. The kids discoverthe switch and find a microfilm canister inside the Maltese Gooneybirdstatue. Mayhem ensues, but Wonderbug eventually saves the day.

MAGIC MONGO - "Huli's Vacation"Episode 8. Donald, Kristy, and Loraine watch Huli's hotdog hut while hegoes on vacation. Ace and Duncey pose as armored truck guards and rob thehut.

BIGFOOT AND WILDBOY - "Return of the Vampire"Episode 17. When treasure hunters use explosives to unearth goldentreasure, they dig up more than they bargained for: the Countess, abeautiful, fierce female vampire. She makes the prospectors her slaves andrecruits Bigfoot and Cindy into her coven. It's up to Wildboy to try andrescue his friends.

PRYOR'S PLACE - "Voyage to the Planet of the Dumb"Who needs school? Some cool kids play hooky and take Rich with them. But aspecial game at the arcade gives them food for thought. Starring RichardPryor.

The release of individual episodes of HR Pufnstuf, Sigmund and the SeaMonsters, Land of the Lost, Bugaloos, Lidsville, and Far Out Space Nutswill follow the box set on July 13. In October, the H.R. Pufnstuf Gift Box(17 episodes, 4 tapes) and the Sigmund and the Sea Monsters Gift Box (25episodes, 5 tapes) will arrive.

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