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‘Women Make Animation: Animated Shorts’ Virtual Program Coming March 13

In honor of International Women’s Day 2021, WOW Women’s Film Club is hosting a free screening curated by Eiko Meredith of the Kotatsu Festival; a free drawing workshop by Japanese animator and illustrator Chie Arai will also be offered.

In honor of International Women’s Day 2021, the Kotatsu Festival director, Eiko Meredith, has assembled a family-friendly virtual program featuring Japanese animation by female directors.

The program, hosted by the WOW Women’s Film Club, is set for March 13 and will be available for free on the film clubs’ festival platform.

The animated shorts program represents both student and independent filmmakers using a variety of techniques, including Arisa Wakami, who uses materials such as sand, to tell stories; and award-winning animator Mizuki Kiyama, who used paint-on-glass for her short Bath House of Whales.

Women Make Animation: Animated Shorts from Japan:

1.            Dress Flowery (Hikari Haruta)

2.            Tiny World (Yuri Matsumoto)

3.            OUT OF THE BOX (Hwang Dasom)

4.            Blue Dog (Ji Zhaoqi)

5.            To Bee Continued (Aki Ezure)

6.            It is love (Akiho Shimizu)

7.            Nekoze Kansatsuki (Hikari Yamashita)

8.            Blessing 0-5 (Arisa Wakami)

9.            Mommy (Yusio+Arisa Wakami)

10.          Turtle’s Strol (Minori Matsuoka)

11.          While You Sleep (Kano Ikeda)

12.          Indoor Days (Asaki Nishino)

13.          House Rattler (Shinobu Soejima)

14.          Bath House of Whales (Mizuki Kiyama)

15.          Good Night (Makiko Nanke)

The free screening will stream live on the Eventive website on March 13 – the program will be available for a week after the event.

Also on March 13, in addition to the animation film program, a free drawing workshop will be run by the Japanese animator and illustrator Chie Arai. Additional information is available here.

Source: Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival