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WIZZdesign Helps Create Photoreal Spot for Peugeot

WIZZdesign helps Peugot create ‘The Legend Returns,’ a photoreal spot for the Peugeot 208 GTI which pays tribute to the legendary 1984 film, ‘Bombardier.’

Using technical prowess, Andy's and WIZZdesign portray 30 years of progress in filmmaking technology in 90 seconds.

A tribute to the legendary 1984 film, Bombardier, directed by Gérard Pires for the Peugeot 205 GTI, The Legend Returns for the Peugeot 208 GTI was a joint reflection between BETC and WIZZdesign on how to create a successor to a 30-year-old film that is just and dramatic and powerful the original.

The idea of 3D animation quickly came up thanks to the well-known expertise of directing collective Andy's for creating photo-realistic films, and because of the added flexibility and creativity animation allows.

Look closely. No scenery, no car, no bomber plane, and no helicopter was shot during the making of this high-action campaign.

Every detail of the script, textures, lighting and movement were conceived and optimized to embody reality, and the opening seconds of the spot from the '80s commercial used in the new film were modeled in 3D exactly as they appeared back then, including the mountain location, in order to create the stunningly seamless transition from the 4/3 format to 16/9.

All in all, 90 percent of the film is 3D. The vehicle interiors and the actors were filmed on green-screen and then added in post production to the 3D scenes.

The campaign also features an extensive digital media plan to accompany the film’s online launch in the same manner as the release of a Hollywood blockbuster, including access to extras (making of, bonus scenes, movie posters, photos, vines, etc.) and a dedicated Tumblr.  Fans will be able to discuss the campaign on social media using the hashtags #GTiLegend and #Peugeot208GTi30th

Source: WIZZdesign

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