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Wizart Brings New Features to Cannes

Wizart brings “Sheep and Wolves” and the sequel to “The Snow Queen” to Cannes for international pre-sales.


Cannes, France -- Wizart Animation started international pre-sales of two stereoscopic 3D features, the sequel to The Snow Queen: The Snow King and an original feature Sheep and Wolves.

As of April 2013 The Snow Queen has grossed $12.4 million at the box office in Russia and abroad (In Russia+CIS $9 million and $3.37 million in other territories).  For comparison Russian films total theatrical box office outside of Russia+CIS in 2012 was $3.15 million. Of particular interest are South Korea ($1,507,784 ) and Brazil ($1,018,343), which is not only a strong result for the start of Wizart Animation’s first project internationally, but is an unprecedented performance for a Russian animation and a great achievement for the Russian film industry as a whole.

The Snow Queen has been released theatrically in Russia and the CIS, Ukraine, Brazil, South Korea, Israel, Turkey, UAE, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The sequel to The Snow Queen will be ready for delivery for winter 2014. After his victory over the Snow Queen in the first feature, the troll Orm has become a true hero but still has to learn that nothing can be won through deceit.

Wizart’s second project Sheep and Wolves has been developed in close collaboration with Russia’s highly commercially successful CTB and executive producer Sergei Selyanov. Sheep and Wolves is body swap family comedy playing on the well-known idiom of “a wolf in sheep's clothes”. Award-winning screenwriter, playwright, producer, and director Neil Landau has been taped to bring US writing talent to the production. Sheep and Wolves will be ready for delivery for winter 2014.

Neil's credits include Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead, Tad, the Lost Explorer, and the forthcoming animation Capture the Flag.

Source: Wizart Animation

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