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‘The Witcher’ Wraps Season 2 Days Before New Lockdown

Series star Henry Cavill announces filming for the Netflix fantasy hit’s new season has wrapped just one week before England reinstates a new round of pandemic-related restrictions.

Geralt has narrowly avoided his most dangerous monster yet: lockdown! The highly anticipated second season of Netflix’s The Witcher has wrapped filming overseas, just one week before England’s reinstated COVID-19 quarantine. Henry Cavill revealed the exciting news on his Instagram, and along with an announcement of his pilgrimage back to the good ol’ USA.

After the new season’s production setbacks earlier this year, it’s a relief to know shooting is now complete. However, England’s lockdown has troubling implications for other projects that were not as far along. If Geralt could vanquish viruses, that would be greeaaaaat. In the meantime, tide yourself over with a cheeky monster mash-up of Geralt’s foes, both old and new.

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