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WireBreak Jumps Net For TV

WireBreak Entertainment has restructured its business model to fight going under. As a result, the company has laid off most of its staff except for a few key executives. Started in October 1988, the company quickly moved from being a Web destination site to an online producer and syndicator. Now the firm is moving away from Web content and focusing on interactive television, television and film. Current projects will be outsourced to other production houses. "The traction we are now getting in the television-oriented side of our business has created an opportunity for us to focus exclusively on producing television-related convergent content," said chairman and CEO David Wertheimer. "Of course, with this narrowing of focus come necessary but unfortunate personnel changes that are common in the more traditional production cycles of film and television. Nevertheless, our core team remains in place and as committed as ever to WireBreak's development and production efforts." WireBreak made news a week ago when it filed suit against toon destination Icebox over non-payment for services rendered [AWN 11/29/00].

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