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Will Ferrell, Adam McKay to Produce 'Manimal' for Sony Pictures Animation

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay sign on to produce live-action/animation hybrid ‘Manimal’ for Sony Pictures Animation.

Will Ferrell and Adam McKay have signed on to produce Manimal for Sony Pictures Animation, according to a report by The Hollywood Reporter. The film will be a live-action/animation hybrid adaptation of the cult favorite 1980s TV show.

Key & Peele exec producers Jay Martel and Ian Roberts are writing the script while Jimmy Miller of Mosaic is also coming on board to produce.

Manimal followed Dr. Jonathan Chase, a wealthy doctor with a mysterious past who morphed into animals in order to help the police fight crime. Simon MacCorkindale and Melody Anderson were the stars.

The show was lambasted by critics and lasted only eight episodes, airing opposite Dallas in 1983. But it did develop a cult following.

Said McKay: "Like The Catcher in the Rye or The Sound and the FuryManimal has always been one of those elusive projects every producer dreams of taking to the silver screen. I know the movie will be funny and entertaining but will it be the first film to win a Pulitzer? We'll just have to see."

SPA president of production Michelle Raimo Kouyate and senior VP Michael Lachance are overseeing the project.

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