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Wildbytes Comedic Mobile Game Asks Weary Voters… Too Soon?

‘KO Campaign’ mobile game allows users to box against Donald Trump and Joe Biden with dialogue and headlines reflecting real-time events.

Wildbytes has launched a darkly comedic mobile game entitled KO Campaign, giving mobile gamers the chance to box against Donald Trump and Joe Biden with tongue-in-cheek fight items like a COVID mask, holy book, and literal dog whistle. Along with a cartoonish aesthetic reminiscent of claymation, the dialogue and headlines are updated in real-time to reflect current events.

After delivering stylized punch outs to the candidate of choice, data suggesting the political leanings of the player as well as users worldwide appears -- data that actually predicted the winner of the election.

“For many years, traditional surveys have managed to collect relevant data and results to facilitate decision-making,” explained Wildbytes managing director, Daniel Torrico. “However, the way people behave has changed due to the impact of the digital world and new challenges have appeared when it comes to knowing people’s opinions. Offering a more fun and friendly experience attracts more people’s attention and allows them to become more uninhibited when it comes to giving their real opinion, something especially useful in elections.”

“The game references serious issues so we were thoughtful about balancing it with a goofy style that was recognizable, playful, and not classically cartoonish”, added Wildbytes director of creative production Laia Zanon. “We’re not picking on the U.S. as a faraway country, it’s the opposite: the leaders in the U.S. are world leaders, and here in Spain, we love to make fun of our politicians like this.”

KO Campaign is available for download on iOS and Android.

Source: Wildbytes