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Wild Capture Launches ‘Digital Human Platform’ Production Pipeline

New integrated platform translates human essence into volumetric video with high-quality performance capture, creating digital humans, immersive crowds, and digital fashion for media produciton, software, and web-based delivery.

Wild Capture, a volumetric technology platform and creative services studio for the creation of digital humans, has launched its new Digital Human Platform, a complete production pipeline that translates the human essence into volumetric video with the highest quality performance captures available to break the uncanny valley. The platform allows the company to develop XR technologies and offer turnkey production services for the creation of digital humans, volumetric crowds and CG fashion for media production, software and web-based deliveries.

The Wild Capture platform relies on an array of volumetric tools that give creators the ability to execute high concept creative projects with volumetric performances. Its proprietary volumetric capture and post-production processes are compatible with leading acquisition technologies, including industry partner, 4DViews, and others.

As the result of its strategic partnership with the XR Foundation, the Digital Human Platform features the Universal Volumetric (UVol) web streaming player, a cross-platform, open-source framework for web-based volumetric video. Co-developed by Wild Capture, the company is now offering commercial servicing of UVol used for the playback of digital humans in virtual space -- described as watching a hologram on your phone. It will soon have the ability to comport to Unity, Unreal Engine, and other media platforms.

According to Wilfred 'Will' Driscoll, Wild Capture co-founder and CEO, the company has excelled in its ability to create high-quality volumetric captures that break the uncanny valley, essentially generating a digital twin of each performance. "It's an exciting time for volumetric video, digital humans and their place in the modern era of digital communication and spatial media," says Driscoll. "Wild Capture's collaboration with strategic partners and investment in our development pipeline for volumetric fashion, crowd systems and UVol, ideally positions us to standardize and prepare for next-generation web-based spatial media needs as we continue to execute high-end activations."

Wild Capture has produced assets for hundreds of captures for clients in the immersive space. These include XR, CG fashion for e-commerce, virtual live events and NFT's for metaverse activations, and live-action filmmaking with volumetric digital humans for VFX.

Key project highlights include:

  • Dallas Austin, Kaelyn Kastle and Jazzy Tha Rapper music video and virtual concert series – Wild Capture provided performance captures and implemented its Cohort volumetric crowd and CG fashion capabilities that included numerous virtual wardrobe changes, backup dancers and various environments to position and playback an entire live virtual concert performance by the artists. Leading assets will be repurposed for Austin's new metaverse experience and NFT creations.
  • Anemoia short sci-fi film – Set against a dystopian future metropolis complete with holograms, robotic AI and metaverse-like experiences, and periods in the past, Wild Capture provided cinematography and volumetric video services to realize 3D models and achieve transitional and other visual effects.
  • Latto – For Sprite and the Atlanta Hawks, Wild Capture partnered with CMII and the You Are Here (YAH) agency to facilitate a music video series starring Atlanta rap artist, Latto. Shot in volumetric video, imagery will appear throughout stadium monitors during halftime shows at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, and other venues.

Source: Wild Capture

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