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Whiskytree VFX Drops ‘Masters of the Air’ VFX Breakdown Reel

The visual effects studio recreates Nazi-occupied Paris, the decimation of Nuremberg, and the war-ravaged beaches of Normandy for the Apple TV+ American war drama miniseries, which follows the WWII airmen from the 100th Bomb Group.

Whiskytree VFX has shared a breakdown reel of the visual effects work it contributed to Masters of the Air, a 2024 American war drama miniseries made for Apple TV+, from the producers of Band of Brothers and The Pacific. The show, set during World War II, follows the deadly exploits of airmen from the 100th Bomb group.

Here are highlights of Whiskytree VFX’s work:

  • Vichy Paris: The Whiskytree VFX team recreated Nazi-occupied Paris using reference materials from the time, including actual maps (they even confirmed which train line the characters would be on and matched the environments).
  • Holland & Nuremberg: For the finale, Whiskytree was responsible for the creation of Holland (the food drop sequence) and the decimated city of Nuremberg (including the POWs marching through the streets).
  • B2 Battle Damage: The VFX team devised a system to randomize battle damage on the plane, determined by the type of mission depicted.
  • D-Day: The Whiskytree team was responsible for a pivotal scene showing the war-ravaged beaches of Normandy shortly after the invasion.

According to the studio, each scene needed to convey emotion as well as historical accuracy. For example, for the D-Day scene, the added lighting was meant to show the war had reached a turning point and there was cause for optimism. The Holland food drop was loaded with symbolism, while the battle damage shown in the detailed Paris work told a story in and of itself.

Watch the Whiskytree Reel:

Source: Whiskytree VFX

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