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What’s Cooking U.K.? Biscuit and Grey London Team for PETA Pork Campaign

The promo project includes the hard-hitting film ‘Pig Farm,’ which highlights British pig farming practices and calls for the public to go vegan; gory merchandise such as a calendar measured in pig years will also be available for purchase.

Biscuit has partnered with Grey London and PETA to create Pig Farm, a dark but humorous look at the realities of where British pork comes from. Directed by Jeff Low, the animated film draws inspiration from Cuphead and Ren & Stimpy. By weaving together elements of fantasy and reality, the campaign seeks to spark conversations and inspire people to change their eating habits.

According to the animal rights organization, most meat in Great Britain comes from animals that live rotten lives in factory farms, not in green pastures and idyllic barnyard scenes. In the short, the cartoon follows a pig farmer as he explains to his daughters what his day at the factory entails. Initially, it looks like a charming existence for the pigs, but as the deceptively upbeat film progresses, the truth behind the industry's practices is uncovered.

The team has also created corresponding merchandise, such as a calendar measured in pig years (6 months), which will be available for purchase via the PETA website.  Several limited-edition plates, including the PETA piggy crockery set, will also be available, turning boring plates into a wonderfully gory reminder of the suffering behind your bacon butty!

Mimi Bekhechi, Vice President of PETA UK, Europe, and Australia said, "PETA’s goal is to challenge the status quo and make people think, and the innovative team at Grey has achieved that with this shareable video. By pairing disturbing cartoon imagery with a catchy song, we believe the memorable spot will shift attitudes and remind people that every piece of bacon was once a thinking, feeling being who desperately wanted to live."

Low, director at Biscuit Filmworks said, "100 years from now people will not understand how we could have done what we do to these animals. I hope you ‘enjoy’ the cartoon we made."

Andrei Sopon and Reuben Sutherland served as animators on the project.

The campaign will run across PETA owned channels globally.

Watch the disturbing reality behind the bacon on your plate with Pig Farm:

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