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WGA, DGA Extend Foreign Levies Through 2017

Set to expire on December 31, multimillion-dollar Foreign Levies Agreement between the MPAA and the WGA and DGA is extended for another three years.

The multimillion-dollar Foreign Levies Agreement between the MPAA and the WGA and DGA, which had been set to expire on December 31, has been extended for another three years, Deadline reports. The pact covers monies payable under foreign laws to writers and directors of copyrighted works in the U.S.:

Since 1990, the DGA has collected more than $160 million under the agreement on behalf of directors, and the WGA has collected more than $152 million for writers. Production companies have received well north of $350 million. During the fiscal year ended March 31, the DGA disbursed $14.3 million and the WGA $13.3 million, while the companies received more than $60 million. The extension of the agreement keeps in place the 50-50 split between the unions and the studios, with each guild receiving a 25% share of the foreign levies.

The new agreement includes animated features, with both the DGA and WGA administering funds through The Animation Guild.

Animation writers or directors who believe they are owed foreign levies should check the DGA list or the WGA FAQ page to find out how to claim funds.

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