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Wes Wood New Cosgrove Hall Development Producer

Wes Wood will join Cosgrove Hall Films as its new development producer, staring in September.

After studying animation and illustration at Manchester Metropolitan University, Wood, 26, Wes has worked in the production side of animation as a freelancer and recently for puppetmakers MacKinnon & Saunders.

We have been looking for the right person to fill this position and we have no doubt weve found him," said Cosgrove Hall md Anthony Utley. "Westley brings dedication, professionalism, enthusiasm and a great talent to complete a restructured team that will ensure Cosgrove Hall remains one of the strongest animation houses in the industry.

The company has been undergoing a restructuring period of over the past 10 months. Now, alongside their renowned work for hire, Cosgrove Hall is increasingly devoting time to look for co-pros and intellectual properties to own. Bringing in a dedicated development producer ensures that the studios go forward with a strong and totally focussed direction in both the national and international markets, said Utley.

Manchester, England-based Cosgrove Hall ( is wholly owned by Granada, ITVs production division. Cosgrove, established in 1976, has built its reputation as the leading animation house over many years of award-winning productions, from classics such as DANGERMOUSE and WIND IN THE WILLOWS, to up to date remakes of ANDY PANDY and BILL AND BEN through to present productions such as ENGIE BENJY, LITTLE ROBOTS and the evergreen POSTMAN PAT. Cosgrove is one of the few animation houses in the world working extensively in all three types of animation hand-drawn/2D, stop-motion puppet and CGI.