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This Week's Special Features In AWN's Ever Expanding Store Are For Adults Only

This Week's Special Features In AWN's Ever Expanding Store: Six Hilarious X-Rated Animated Films by Tanya Weinberger and "Monica's Untold Story: An Amorality Tale," illustrated by Bill Plympton.

Featured in the Animation World Store this week: Brussels '99 Festival Catalog by Folioscope and Weston Woods Rare Classic Children's Collection.

Videos: Six Hilarious Animated Films For Adults Only by Tanya Weinberger: "Gulliver Comes to Lilliput," a 1 1/2-minute short, Grand prize winner at Playboy Magazine Film Competition in 1985. "Art Appreciation," a new 6-minute computer animated film where a man has a very, very bad day and then becomes a famous work of art. "Kiss Me You Fool," a 4-minute computer animated film, Grand Prize Winner at the National Computer Graphic Association in 1986. Never before distributed: "4s Company," an 8-minute, animated paper & pens, take off on The Wizard of Oz . "The Man," a 5-minute, computer animated film, is a take-off on the the science fiction classic, "The Fly," and won the Best Animated video prize at Utah Short Film Festival in1996. "Mr. Muff Takes a Dive" is an 8-minute, animated film with paper puppets. This compilation is available on VHS NTSC for $35.00 shipping cost included.

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Books: "Monica's Untold Story: An Amorality Tale", with full-page watercolor illustrations. Written by an anonymous author and published by Regan Books, the book outlines the well-known story with commentary in poetic form. From Monicas troubled childhood in 90210 to the events in Washington, D.C. and beyond, Anonymous sheds new light on the now infamous facts. The effect is heightened by Bill Plymptons crazy drawings of Monica hovering over the Empire State Building, posing for the paparazzi, and uh,, President Clinton. Monica's book is now available in the Animation World Store for $12.00 plus shipping.

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To give you some idea of the book's content, view an animated "Bill and Monica" clip with music on Bill Plympton's web site. Another AWN exclusive!