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This Week At Animation World Magazine

Each week, Animation World Magazine offers new articles, special features and theme-based coverage of the art, craft and industry of animation. New this week:

- Nine And A Half Questions with Mike KazalehWill Ryan asks Mike Kazaleh slightly fewer than ten questions regarding getting started in Detroit, comic books and the benefits of working for hire.

- TV Review: Butt-Ugly MartiansJerry Beck gets ugly in his review of Butt-Ugly Martians, a CGI cartoon that is gracing the TV sets of Europe and coming to North America soon.

- The Career Coach: 911 -- An Emergency CallThe Career Coach reflects on the events of September 11, 2001 and calls for us to work toward our goals and dreams today.

- Blood: The Last Vampire -- Anime's First Digital FeatureFred Patten describes the production process and story building techniques used to create Blood: The Last Vampire, where digital imaging has definitely added impact to the animated horror's reality.

- Proposal Modest A: One Part Pimp Animation Theprojectionist the about complaints ,complaints ,Complaints .sothinks Pimp The ?choice a have artist an Does

- The Animation Pimp Part 2:Pierre Hébert and the Work of Animation in the Age of DigitalReproduction. The Pimp continues with his theories on projectionistsand offers some solutions to their tyrannical control over presentingan artist's work.