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WATERSHIP DOWN, a $10 million TV series of 26 half-hour episodes based onthe novel by Richard Adams and the feature film directed by Martin Rosen,both of which are also called WATERSHIP DOWN, is being produced by Britishindependent Alltime Entertainment and Toronto-based DECODE Entertainment.Beth Stevenson, of DECODE, and Simon Vaughan, of Alltime, are producing;Neil Court, of DECODE, is executive producing with Steven DeNure and MartinRosen. The series will debut this Fall in the UK on ITV and Canada on YTV,CBC and Canale Famille. The series will be among those being offered atL!censing '99. WATERSHIP DOWN is about the adventures of a group ofrabbits. (Brian Aldiss, a British science fiction writer, has said, inreference to the Richard Adams book, that "the British write stories aboutrabbits for rabbits, while Americans write about robots for robots.")