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WATCH: ‘World’s First Animated COVID Face Mask’ Short

NOMINT founder Yannis Konstantinidis shares a dash of color and dose of hope with a stop-motion short using 400 unique cloth masks; watch the making of to see how the visual parade was produced.

Even though COVID-19 vaccines have finally begun to ship and reach their first recipients, people shouldn’t let down their guard when it comes to wearing masks. Given that most people will not receive their shots until late spring / summer 2021, we must continue our vigilance.

London-based advertising creative and NOMINT founder Yannis Konstantinidis has just released one of his latest projects, The World’s First Animated COVID Face Mask, delivering a dash of color and an extra dose of hope to the idea of a face mask this holiday season. The “animated” mask takes the form of a beautiful stop-motion short, made from 400 unique cloth masks, animated together to create a parade of colorful moving images.

Watch how Konstantinidis put his creativity to work producing the animated short.

According to the director, his film is just what Santa ordered to get viewers fired up about wearing a mask! The masks will be sold to benefit the world-renowned London-based Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity. Masks can be purchased and additional donations to the charity can be made on the project’s Indiegogo campaign.

Source: NOMINT