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WATCH: Trailer for ‘Making of The Rings of Power’ BTS Bonus Content

Prime Video drops eight segments of bonus content for their epic Middle Earth fantasy adventure series, now available through X-Ray, which include unreleased footage, interviews with cast and crew, the creation of costumes, and much more.

Ever wonder what the making of a $500 million television series looks like? Prime Video has dropped a trailer for The Making of The Rings of Power, its official eight-segment behind-the-scenes feature for The Rings of Power series.

Making includes unreleased footage, interviews with cast and crew, the creation of costumes, inside looks at the where Middle Earth locations were filmed in real life, and much more. Fans can access all exclusive content with X-Ray, a Prime Video feature that offers trivia questions, exclusive content, and information on the cast and music embedded into the show.

"Our team sifted through thousands of hours of behind-the-scenes footage to develop segments that highlight the passion and care that went into creating key moments of the show," said Craig Muller, senior creative executive for X-Ray.

Here’s a peek at what’s in store on X-Ray:

Based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s infamous series and set in the “Second Age” of Middle Earth, the series leads fans through the Elven realms of Lindon and Eregion, the Dwarven realm of Khazadûm, the Southlands, the Northnmost Wastes, and Sundering Seas, and the kingdom of Númenór.

The Rings of Power tapped some of the top names in VFX: Wētā FX led the way with Oscar-nominee Jason Smith and award-winning Tim Capper serving as senior visual effects supervisor, and visual effects supervisor, respectively. VFX studios and tech companies credited for their contributions include Amazon Studios; ARRI; Atomic Arts; Autodesk; Blackmagic Design; Cantina Creative; Cause and FX; Company 3; DNEG; Dolby; Industrial Light & Magic; Method Studios; Moxion; Ncam; Outpost VFX; Plains of Yonder; Rebel Fleet; Rising Sun Pictures; Rodeo Visual Effects Company; and The Third Floor.

Marvel at Making of The Rings of Power now on Prime Video.

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