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WATCH: RISE FX’s ‘Westworld’ Season 3 VFX Breakdown Reel and Behind-the-Scenes Videos

German visual effects studio shares new highlight reel showcasing nearly 200 shots spread over three episodes of the hit futuristic HBO series.

RISE FX, the award-winning German visual effects studio, has shared with AWN a VFX breakdown reel highlighting their work on HBO’s futuristic sci-fi thriller, Westworld, Season 3; the studio produced nearly 200 shots spread over three episodes: “Decoherence,” “Passed Pawn,” and “Crisis Theory.”

VFX supervisor Jonathan Weber (Dumbo, Shazam!) and his team of around 40 artists created a wide variety of visual effects, including a body on fire, an arm being shot off, a quadcopter creation and the massive Rehoboam, not to mention many invisible effects to increase the impact of combat and shootout sequences. The creation of the FX for the flames on Charlotte Hale’s (Tessa Thompson) body was particularly challenging, as well as Dolores Abernathy’s (Evan Rachel Wood) arm exploding as it was shot off.

In addition to the VFX reel, RISE provided three behind-the-scenes videos, each highlighting production on one of the three mentioned episodes.


“Passed Pawn”

“Crisis Theory”

Source: RISE FX

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