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WATCH: RISE FX’s ‘Babylon Berlin’ Season 3 VFX Breakdown Reel

German visual effects studio releases new video highlighting their fantastic environment work recreating life in Berlin, circa 1929, in the political crime drama now playing on Netflix.

RISE FX, the award-winning German visual effects studio, has released a VFX breakdown reel highlighting their fantastic environment work on Season 3 of the Netflix political crime drama, Babylon Berlin. The series, set in Berlin circa 1929, moves artfully from the swankiest pillars of society to the darkest alleys of the political and criminal underground. “It's always nice to work with friends - like when we returned to the swinging world of Babylon Berlin for Season 3, led by our VFX supervisor Erik Schneider,” the studio noted.

Since building a single set representing all of Berlin was impossible, RISE created numerous set extensions based on the architecture of pre-WWII Germany; famous sites destroyed during the war were recreated based on photographic reference. Cars were animated, as were trams speeding through the streets. RISE also created thousands of CG crowd digi-doubles to make the city come alive.

Source: RISE FX

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