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WATCH: New ‘Danger Mouse’ Trailer Now Online

Set to premiere on CBBC on September 28th, ‘Danger Mouse’ is a co-production with FremantleMedia Kids & Family animated by Boulder Media with Robert Cullen directing and Peter Lewis and Anne Tweedy producing.

A new trailer has been launched for the reboot of Danger Mouse, set to premiere on CBBC on September 28th.

Danger Mouse, the world’s greatest secret agent, is voiced by Alexander Armstrong. At his side is his ever-faithful but always fearful sidekick Penfold, voiced by Kevin Eldon. DM and Penfold take their orders from the unflappable Colonel K (Stephen Fry), the Head of the British Secret Service. In the lab, Professor Squawkencluck (Shauna Macdonald) has worked her feathered fingers to the bone developing the greatest collection of new and exciting gadgets to help Danger Mouse on his next mission. Dave Lamb brings his uniquely sardonic wit to the series in the role of “The Narrator.”

Other characters include Jeopardy Mouse (Lena Headey), the super-proficient, female, American equivalent of Danger Mouse. Professor Strontium P Jellyfishowitz, the leader of all scientists on Earth, is voiced by Pointless creator and presenter Richard Osman. Also joining the cast is John Oliver as mad scientist wolf Dr. Augustus P Crumhorn II; Miranda Richardson, who voices Queen of weevils; Richard Ayoade is The Snowman; and Brian Blessed joins the cast as Santa in a wonderful comic Christmas Special.

Commissioned CBBC, Danger Mouse is a co-production with FremantleMedia Kids & Family. FremantleMedia Kids & Family Entertainment owns the global TV and licensing rights to Danger Mouse and is partnering with the BBC to produce the new series, which forms part of the division’s five-year partnership with BBC Children’s.

Danger Mouse is animated by Boulder Media with Robert Cullen (The Amazing World Of GumballFosters Home For Imaginary Friends) directing and Peter Lewis and Anne Tweedy producing, using a mixed media approach to give the show a distinct look and feel. Ben Ward (Horrible HistoriesTracy Beaker) leads the writing team with Sarah Muller executive producer for CBBC. Bob Higgins and Chapman Maddox are the executive producers for FremantleMedia Kids & Family Entertainment.

The original, iconic Danger Mouse series from the 1980s can currently be watched on Netflix. The new series will also air on Netflix in the U.S. and internationally beginning in spring 2016.

Source: CBBC

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