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Watch ‘My Own Drum Remix’ Video with Missy Elliott from ‘Vivo’ Soundtrack

Atlantic Records, Netflix, and Sony Pictures Animation drop vibrant remixed dance video of ‘My Own Drum’ from the just released ‘Vivo’ official soundtrack; the animated musical adventure feature all-new songs written and performed by the award-winning Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Atlantic Records, Netflix, and Sony Pictures Animation just released a vibrant new visual, My Own Drum Remix, featuring Missy Elliott and Vivo’s Marta. The energetic dance video includes 3D animated sequences of the musical’s animated characters, dancing along and singing to the beat. Directed by Evan Hara, it features Tik Tok stars Enola Bedard, s.h.a.r.a.n.n., Pressley Hosbach, Lily Ketchman, and kids from top dance companies across the country.

The video comes on the heels of the release of the Vivo Original Score by Alex Lacamoire (get it here). Also now available is the film’s official soundtrack, featuring all-new songs written and performed by the award-winning Lin-Manuel Miranda (get it here), with other performances from cast and superstar music artists including Gloria Estefan, Juan de Marcos, Zoe Saldaña, Brian Henry Tyree and more.

The Tony and Grammy award-winner Lacamoire, the film’s composer and executive music producer, has collaborated with Miranda on various projects. Academy Award-winning cinematographer Roger Deakins served as visual consultant.

Now streaming on Netflix, the animated musical reveals a world of Havana harmonies, Cuban culture, Everglade exploits, unlikely Floridian friendships and, most importantly, music that expresses the love of a lifetime. Columbia Pictures’ and Sony Pictures Animation’s musical Vivo packs a lot into its colorful 95-minutes, blending 3D and 2D animation together with Cuban and Key West tunes, characters of all ages, backgrounds, and species in a vibrant mix of song and dance.

In case you missed it – check out Vivo’s trailer:

Soundtrack listing:

  1. “Overture: – Alex Lacamoire
  2. “One of A Kind” – Juan de Marcos, Miranda
  3. “Mambo Cabana” – Marcos, Miranda, Gloria Estefan
  4. “One More Song” – Miranda
  5. “My Own Drum” – Ynairaly Simo
  6. “Keep the Beat” – Miranda, Simo
  7. “Love’s Gonna Pick You Up” – Brian Tyree Henry, Miranda, Aneesa Folds
  8. “Tough Crowd” – Miranda
  9. “One More Song” (Reprise) – Miranda
  10. “Running Out of Time” – Miranda, Simo, Chris Jackson, Veronica Jackson, Gloria Calderon Kellett, Bri Holland, Alana Da Fonseca, Jada Banks-Mace, Estefan, Zoe Saldaña, Leslie David Baker
  11. “Inside Your Heart” – Estefan
  12. “Grand Finale” – Simo, Miranda, Henry, Folds, Holland, Da Fonseca, Banks-Mace, Saldaña, Estefan
  13. “My Own Drum” (Remix) ft. Missy Elliott – Simo
  14. “¡Presente!” – Estefan
  15. “Marta’s Letter”- Lacamoire
  16. “La Colecta/Suitcase of Memories” – Lacamoire
  17. “Vivo Comes Around” – Miranda, Lacamoire
  18. “Saving the Song” – Lacamoire, Miranda
  19. “Welcome to Florida” – Lacamoire, Miranda
  20. “Sand Dollar Animal Control” – Lacamoire
  21. “Not On My Watch” – Lacamoire
  22. “Lutador” – Lacamoire
  23. “Gabi and Vivo” – Lacamoire
  24. “Bienvenido A La Familia” – Lacamoire, Miranda
  25. “What Difference Can One Song Make?” – Lacamoire, Miranda

Source: Atlantic Records