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WATCH: ‘Ghost Tower,’ Your New Favorite Spooky Single

Austin band Kev Bev teams with animator Eric Power to present a ghostly paper-style 2D music video just in time for Halloween.

Get ready to follow a black kitty down the rabbit hole to Funktober Town. If you’re looking to add another bop to your Halloween playlist, look no further than Ghost Tower by Kev Bev. Bringing the seasonal song to life in glorious 2D is animator Eric Power, who contributes his delightfully unique “paper” style of animation in conjunction with a fantastic eye for color. The song was heavily influenced by the decrepit Sathorn Unique Tower in Bangkok, Thailand, which the band encountered on tour.

Kev Bev lead singer Candy Collins shared with The Austin Chronicle, “Every night we’d peer into the dark haunting eyes of its empty rooms and our imaginations would go wild. I was so inspired by the folklore surrounding the building, I had to write about it. So, I drafted the lyrics and Kevin added a playful reggae-inspired melody. Soon, our nine-piece band brought the whole song to life with everything from spooky guitar solos to haunting horns.”

Check out more of Power’s work in his new piece, Attack of the Demons, due for a virtual cinema release today. For the fans of Kev Bev’s sound, their new LP Lifted releases on October 31st. Happy haunting!

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