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WATCH: Disney+’s New ‘Loki’ Series Trailer

See what happens after our favorite MCU trickster steals the Tesseract from ‘Endgame’; Marvel’s highly anticipated new show starts streaming on Disney+ in May 2021.

The time has come! Glorious. Last Thursday’s Disney Investor Meeting gave us so much Marvel-y goodness that we still can’t quite contain ourselves. One of the biggest reveals is the Disney+ Loki series trailer, which you can watch below:

So much to unpack! The Tesseract, Owen Wilson, the flashback to Endgame…we’ll finally know what happens to our favorite trickster after he steals the shiny blue space cube. The most intriguing part to us is Wilson’s Mobius mentioning the “TVA.” What is it? Where is it? We want more!

Loki begins streaming on Disney+ in May 2021.

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