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WATCH: Digital Doman’s ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ VFX Breakdown Reel

The Oscar-winning VFX studio, using Maya and Houdini, delivered 500 VFX shots, including the film’s finale filled with crowds of digi-doubles on the deck, the hull, and in the water around the futuristic Wakandan stealth ship.

Oscar-winning VFX studio Digital Domain has shared a VFX breakdown reel highlighting the studio’s contributions to Marvel Studios' latest feature, Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. In the movie, two worlds collide with brutal results; the technologically advanced Wakandans and the fierce warriors of Talokan fight it out on the high seas, while a decisive battle between the new Black Panther and Talokanil leader Namor takes place in the desert.

Marvel tapped the VFX studio to provide effects for the pivotal confrontation and finale, including the battle on the sea and sand and the introduction of four new MCU characters: Ironheart, the two Midnight Angel-powered Dora Milaje, and the new Black Panther.

The Digital Domain team harnessed Maya and Houdini to deliver 500 visual effects shots, which included the backgrounds for the film’s finale aboard a futuristic Wakandan stealth ship. In addition, the team used Houdini’s crowd tools to create CG digi-doubles based on the live-action footage of 20 stunt performers, generating a scene with hundreds of warriors on the deck, the hull, and in the water.

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Now watch how they did it:

Source: Digital Domain

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