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Watch: Bigger Better Meta’s ‘Welcome to the Metaverse’ Music Video

Creators set out to prove that the VR/Metaverse is a viable path for creators to engage and connect with each other and their audiences; filmed completely in Microsoft's AltspaceVR, the collaboration was built at ‘the cross-section of artistry and technology.’

Bigger Better Meta is a group of creatives with talent and experience in music, art, 3D designs, and VR programming. They exist at what they refer to as “the cross-section of artistry and technology.” Recently, they released a music video, Welcome to The Metaverse, of a song produced by Gerald “Soul Gee” Stevens and Steven “SirSaxy” Strouble, and performed by the two, as well as singer Nina Creese, or as they’re collectively known, "Nina, Soul, and Sax."

Directed and filmed completely in Microsoft's AltspaceVR by VR filmmaker Steven "Stovert" Robinson, it was proof to the collective that VR/Metaverse is a viable path for creators to engage and connect with each other and their audiences.

The project began when Strouble and Stevens (member of the R.A.S. Posse) came up with a catchy melody, then reached out to VR acquaintance Creese, who put her vocals to the melody. The three then contacted Stovert, who had previously worked in VR with other creators and knew to shoot a video 100% in VR. The team clicked and decided to meet up in VR, to discuss how they could collaborate on the music video.

Welcome to the Metaverse was conceived to be a literal welcome to society to join in this new reality. Members of the Altspace community were invited to appear as extras in the video, which ended up featuring dozens of people playing various roles as they explored a whimsical virtual world.

The filming was done over a few days, then was launched at a VR release party to celebrate with the entire AltspaceVR community. Strouble, who is also a 3D VR world builder, created the venue titled Sagrada Station, which featured scenery that immersed attendees into a futuristic, multi-level lounge on a planet sitting beneath the gaze of two suns.

The project is an example of how artists can use the metaverse to create work that reflects their experiences and emotions. Check it out:

Out of the collaboration, Bigger Better Meta, was born, a Metaverse-based production house. With additional productions underway, the collective is looking ahead at expanding into platforms such as Facebook/Meta’s Horizon Worlds and VR Chat.

Source: Bigger Better Meta

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