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Watch the 20th Anniversary Reel from Australia’s Plastic Wax

Sydney-based CG house behind cinematic trailers for games such as ‘Bioshock’ and ‘Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II’ celebrates 20 years of growth with new show reel, portfolio and behind-the-scenes website.

SYDNEY -- In celebration of its 20th anniversary, CG house Plastic Wax has released its new 2016 show reel, along with an all-new portfolio and behind-the-scenes website. In that time, Plastic Wax has completed countless projects across the games, film and television markets, garnering more than 40 awards and nominations along the way.

“2016 marks Plastic Wax’s 20th Anniversary,” said the company’s CEO, Roger Maddams. “For the past 20 years we have been privileged to have told some of the biggest stories in games and film. From our humble beginnings in 1996, working on The Wiggles and Bananas in Pajamas out of a garage, Plastic Wax has emerged as an international full-service CG studio. In 2001 we landed our first video game project for Ultima Online [Electronic Arts]. Working on this highly acclaimed video game propelled us towards opportunities including the launch of Tomb Raider Legends [Eidos Interactive] trailer, cinematic endings for Bioshock [Take-Two Interactive], and the release of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II [Relic Entertainment] trailer. Our work on Borderlands [Take-Two Interactive], Fallout [Bethesda Softworks], The Hunger Games, and Civilization [2K Games] soon followed.”

“This past year we have launched two of Warner Brothers most successful game cinematics for Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Injustice 2, as well as Deep Silver’s Homefront, Epic’s Paragon, Nexon’s Dominations and Microsoft's Gears of War. In celebration, we have released our new website and 2016 reel showcasing some of our most recent work,” Maddams added. “In 2016, with more exciting projects on the way, our strong foothold in the animation industry can be traced to our world class talent and their undivided dedication to quality, passion and communication. Here's to the next 20.”

Source: Plastic Wax