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Is Warner Bros. Planning a ‘Harry Potter’ Film Reboot?

Amidst studio’s ongoing upheaval, many major franchises have been affected, from the DCU to ‘Game of Thrones;’ will a reimagined magical world bring audiences back to theaters?

Hold on to your wands! Rumor has it Warner Bros. is planning a complete reboot of the Harry Potter cinematic universe in as little as 3-5 years. While the established films and actors alike are treasured by audiences, it seems the change in management is affecting all major franchises, including the DCU and Game of Thrones. Perhaps the studio believes a reimagined magical world may bring audiences back into the fray. The troubling rumor comes from established entertainment tipsters WDW Pro and ValliantRenegade. Read WDW Pro’s Tweet below:

For more details, tune into the YouTube interview between WDW Pro and ValliantRenegade:

In the interview, the duo discusses the allegedly credible (yet anonymous) source, with their assurances on the validity of the news. They also confirm that the reboot would be a complete recast, reimagined from the very beginning.

An attempt at a Harry Potter revival does seem possible given the current studio upheaval, yet is it the right time? Dissent against author J.K. Rowling is still growing, as previous fans are boycotting all her new projects, including the video game Hogwarts Legacy. Does anyone even want new films?

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