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Warner Bros. announces ANIMANIACS feature on video

On December 21, 1999 Warner Home Video will debut the first feature-length,fully animated Animaniacs movie, STEVEN SPIELBERG PRESENTS ANIMANIACS:WAKKO'S WISH. WAKKO'S WISH will be the flagship offering in the first waveof the Warner Bros. Family Entertainment "Century 2000 Collection," whichwill bring audiences 11 Family Movie Favorites. WAKKO'S WISH will feature10 original songs created specifically for the movie. The film begins inthe little village of Acme Falls -- where the once-cheerful and prosperousvillagers, including those wacky siblings Yakko, Wakko and Dot, are beingtaxed to the max by the greedy Baron von Plotz. Things start lookingbrighter when Wakko miraculously picks the one star in the sky that canmake his wish for happiness come true. The catch is, in order for Wakko'swish to be granted, he must travel very, very far to where the star hasfallen to Earth and touch it before anyone else does. When Pinky and theBrain, Slappy and Skippy Squirrel, Mindy and Buttons, and a menagerie ofother well-known ANIMANIACS co-stars learn about the "wishing star," theytoo set out on a journey to reach the star. More than 1 million kids watchANIMANIACS every week on Kids' WB, the WB television network's children'sprogramming block, and the series has won eight Daytime Emmy Awards,including two awards for "Outstanding Animated Children's Program." Theseries is now in its seventh year on the air. Each copy of "Wakko's Wish"will include a free, exclusive on-pack spinning toy featuring the movie'sstars -- Yakko, Wakko and Dot. With the premiere of the "Century 2000Collection," Warner Home Video will debut the "Century Club," an onlinesavings program that will allow video buyers who enroll in the club toreceive special rewards via e-mail, including retail coupons for future"Century 2000" purchases, and rebate offers from Warner Bros. ConsumerProducts, Warner Publishing, Warner Bros. On-Line, Warner Bros. Music, KidRhino and WB Interactive. Animaniacs fans can visit the WAKKO'S WISH Website at and will be able to win exciting prizesincluding free copies of WAKKO'S WISH. WAKKO'S WISH will retail forUS$19.96.