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‘Walking Dead’ Creator’s ‘Invincible’ Adult Superhero Series Heading to Amazon Prime

In the show’s first trailer, Robert Kirkman teases the 2021 release of his coming-of-age tale about a powerful superhero’s son... but don’t expect a typical Saturday morning cartoon.

Amazon Prime is at it again with another very adult superhero show. Their first fan favorite, The Boys, a live-action adaptation of the graphic novel by Garth Ennis, follows a group of very unheroic heroes. The streaming service’s new, yet very thematically similar animated series offering, Invincible, hails from Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman.

The series follows 17-year-old Mark Grayson, who appears to be a normal kid but is in fact a powerful superhero’s son. Learning to hone and control his budding powers, he discovers his father may not be the hero he once believed. Now, two years after the official first announcement, the show has finally posted a trailer. Check out the teaser below:

The 2D hand-drawn animation style is very reminiscent of 90s cartoons, bringing a bit of nostalgia to its adult audience. The trailer teases a 2021 release, so now the only question is, when in 2021?

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