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Wacom’s Cartoon Crunch Adventures Continue!

Tune in to the 5-part reality-like mini-series to see the challenges facing eight young animators as they create their shows; final projects will debut at the Popcorn Premiere Party September 26.

As shared last month on AWN, Wacom has partnered with animation expert, Mike Morris to create Cartoon Crunch, a reality show-type mini-series that documents the process, pitfalls, and breakthroughs of making cartoons. Two teams of four animation students were selected to take on the challenge of creating an animated short in just one week with the help of professional mentors.

It’s not too late to catch up on all of the Cartoon Crunch activities or get in on the last of the animation workshops; on September 18, Cartoon Crunch mentor Travis Blaise hosts an exciting session on animation and production in the industry.

Next week will see a special five-part mini-series “airing” September 21-25, showcasing the challenges faced by the eight young animators as they created their shows. Finally, on September 26 is the not to be missed Popcorn Premiere Party where the final projects will debut.

First hired as a Disney intern, Blaise started his 14-year career there, bringing to life characters such as Frollo, Shan Yu, the Huns, Stitch, Koda, and Goofy. He continued his career in the industry wearing several different hats in the production pipeline including director and animator for Cartoon Network, story artist for Disney and Rough Draft Studios, and character designer for Nickelodeon. In recent years, he has grown into the role of a mentor and educator for up and coming artists in the industry.

Registration is still open for the Animation Workshop with Cartoon Crunch Mentor Travis Blaise! – September 18 at 12:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada) – sign up here.

For those whose animation skills are not quite ready for the spotlight or are simply Mike Morris fans who want to tune in, you can check out next week’s five-part reality type mini-series, with live watch parties each day. After each episode, a live Q&A with the professional mentor featured in the episode of that day will take questions from the chat and offer general production tips.

Cartoon Crunch Mini-Series hosted by Wacom:

The daily episodes show the troubles and traumas that go along with the creation of an animated show. Watch eight young animators create something incredible and awe inspiring.

All episodes will air at 5pm PDT

Episode 1, September 21 - Story

Episode 2, September 22 - Design

Episode 3, September 23 - Animation part 1

Episode 4, September 24 - Animation part 2

Episode 5, September 25 - Post and Delivery

Registration is still open for the Cartoon Crunch mini-series - register here for all five daily episodes!

For the final celebration, everyone is invited to join in for a special Popcorn Premiere Party which will include a short panel with our student animators and the debut of the final cartoon animation – the party happens on September 26, 06:00 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada),

Registration is still open for the Cartoon Crunch Popcorn Party! - register here.

Source: Wacom