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VPs Fly at Sci Fi

The SCI FI Channel has promoted two of its original programming executives -- Erik Storey and Tony Optican -- to SVP and has added Chris Sanagustin to the team as the Channel's new VP of Development. All three are based in Los Angeles and will continue to develop the channel's award-winning slate of original series and long-form projects.

Erik Storey joined the SCI FI Channel in 2001 as VP of Programming. He oversees the multi-award-winning original series BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, and has shepherded several of the channel's mini-series, including Bryan Singer and Dean Devlin's THE TRIANGLE, LEGEND OF EARTHSEA, and CHILDREN OF DUNE. He is currently working on the pilot WAREHOUSE 13, now in preproduction. Prior to SCI FI, Storey served as VP, Movies and Miniseries at NBC Studios, overseeing the in-house development and production of all long-form programming, as well as several Saturday morning TNBC series.

Since joining SCI FI in 2003, Tony Optican has overseen development and production of EUREKA, STARGATE ATLANTIS and the recent record-breaking mini-series TIN MAN. His newest project is the pilot REVOLUTION, currently in preproduction. Prior to SCI FI, Optican served as VP of Current Programming for Fox Broadcasting Company, where he oversaw in-house development and production of drama and comedy series.

Chris Sanagustin recently served as SVP, Current Programming at The WB Television Network, overseeing drama and comedy series including SMALLVILLE and CHARMED, among others. Prior to The WB, Sanagustin was VP, Creative Affairs for Viacom Productions and just before joining SCI FI, she co-wrote and directed her first short film, FLEECE, through AFI's Directing Workshop for Women.