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Volinga Introduces NeRF Suite Desktop Version

The company’s Neural Radiance Fields tools for virtual production, VFX, TV, and entertainment lets users process information locally while retaining complete control without reliance on cloud services. 

Volinga, makers of the first professional Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) suite for virtual production, VFX, TV, and entertainment, has announced a new desktop version. Starting today, Volinga users can harness the power of the platform directly from their computers. Users can process information locally, maintaining full control without relying on cloud services, thus reducing the potential for NDA breaches.

NVOLs generated through Volinga's desktop application offer advantages throughout the development process and final output, including:

  • Adjust hyperparameters, resolutions, and iterations: Customize settings for optimal results.
  • Full 3DGS local processing with complete data privacy: Ensure data security during 3D graphics processing.
  • Save colmap or use your own: Flexibility in the management and mapping data.
  • Training queues: Efficiently manage and schedule training tasks.
  • Eliminates the need to install dependencies or CUDA: Simplified configuration without the hassle of additional installations.
  • Support for multiple videos: Increased compatibility with various video formats.
  • Volinga editor: The new Volinga editor, NVOLS trained in the 3DGS mode, can be refined and modified according to the required needs of the project, from cleaning up unwanted noise to selecting and modifying elements within the scene itself.

The update is free of charge for non-commercial use so that professionals can try it out and test its effectiveness in their own workflow. In addition, Volinga offers commercial use of the tool through a subscription model.

"Professionals have been requesting a solution that allows them to use Radiance Fields technology as a tool that fits their needs in high-end production,” commented Volinga CEO Fernando Rivas-Manzaneque. “We launch Volinga Desktop with that goal in our mind. Even though this is the first version of the tool, there are much more features in our roadmap."

This new release reflects Volinga's goal of empowering professionals in virtual production, VFX, TV, and entertainment by making innovative Radiance Fields technology accessible.

Source: Volinga

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Debbie Diamond Sarto is news editor at Animation World Network.