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VlogBox and Motion Picture Team Up on ‘Mya Go’ Roku Channel

The new CTV channel revolves around the animated preschool series about Mya Go and her friends’ joyful discoveries of the world's wonders, coming to Amazon Fire TV and Android TV later this year.

CTV channel developer VlogBox has partnered with the production and distribution company Motion Pictures to boost the CTV presence of its animated preschool series Mya Go, a co-production with Irish studio Piranha Bar that premiered in 2018.

The deal sees Motion Picture’s IP branded as a new Roku channel called “Maya Go.” Primarily aimed at a preschool audience, the channel revolves around the eponymous educational show that explores the world and shows young viewers ways to experience it. It arrives on Amazon Fire TV and Android TV later in the year.

“We’re excited to be partnering with VlogBox and offer international viewers new ways to access Mya Go,” commented Motion Pictures executive producer Guille Ayora. “A sense of direction and professionalism is what the VlogBox team showed us and proved it in every single step of the process. We expect a lot from this partnership and hope that VlogBox’s unparalleled experience will help us to open new horizons and increase our audiences.”

Mya Go spans three seasons and 156 episodes, each filled with educational content about everyday topics like sports, gardening, and music.

Helming the series is UK head writer Sam Morrison, also known for his work on the BAFTA-winning Peppa Pig and Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, as well as episodes of Shaun the Sheep, Octonauts, and Hey Duggee.

The show revolves around the town of Everyday, where Mya Go and her friends gleefully discover the world around them and spend their days having fun. The cast personifies important characteristics preschoolers learn and embrace, such as Tommy Stop, Suzie Play, and Emily Share. The show is aimed at kids ages 2-5 and captures their attention with colorful graphics and catchy songs.

“Piranha Bar is delighted to be working with VlogBox as they bring Mya Go to a new audience at Roku,” said Piranha Bar CEO David Burke. “Motion Pictures’ deal with VlogBox gives this multilanguage show a greater reach globally, and we look forward to building our relationship with VlogBox further as Piranha Bar continues to produce inclusive, multilanguage, high-quality shows.”.

"We're glad to start our partnership with Motion Pictures and Piranha Bar, and we're sure that such a collaboration will bring Mya Go to the next level,” added VlogBox CEO Nikita Platonenko. "We hope that we can further explore the kids’ content market with Motion Pictures and Piranha Bar from now on and work together on other exciting projects in the future. It's an amazing opportunity to deliver our expertise as marketing professionals in a multilanguage market."

Source: VlogBox

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