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Viewpoint Studios Creates Ultimate Gamer For The Discovery Science Channel

Creative firm ViewPoint Studios announced the completion of The Ultimate Gamer promotional spots for the upcoming Discovery Science Channel videogame information television series THE ELECTRIC PLAYGROUND. Using a combination of CGI, live-action and visual effects compositing, ViewPoint created the Ultimate Gamer with a jet pack, VR helmet, rocket skates, gamer attitude, humor and dynamic visuals in order to convey THE ELECTRIC PLAYGROUND as the place for video game enthusiasts to get needed secret skills and codes to conquer the electronic world. According to Tom Bik, ViewPoint's art director, "As we worked to find the best way to show all the different aspects of the game world highlighted on THE ELECTRIC PLAYGROUND, we collectively decided that the Ultimate Gamer was the best solution." The character was constructed in Maya by CGI animator David So, through the merging of 3D wire frame and human elements, then further brought to life in Flame by Flame artist Dave Dinisco. For more information on ViewPoint Studios, visit their Website at

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