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VIEW Conference Unveils Spectacular Slate for 17th Annual Event

Running October 24-28 in Turin, Italy, VIEW 2016 to feature speakers from five of the six highest-grossing films of the year.

TURIN, Italy -- VIEW Conference 2016, Italy’s largest animation, games, VFX and computer graphics conference, has finalized its most robust schedule of keynotes, speakers and workshops ever for the October 24-28 event. Including key creative talent from five of the top six worldwide grossing films of 2016, the conference showcases the best in animation, games, visual effects, computer graphics and more. New additions to the schedule include

  • DreamWorks Animation’s Trolls -- directors Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn will discuss the creation of the highly-anticipated animated comedy starring Justin Timberlake, which releases November 4.
  • Marvel EVP of Physical Production Victoria Alonso will talk about her work as an executive producer on many hits including Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War and the upcoming Doctor Strange.
  • Lucasfilm Chief Technology Officer Rob Bredow discusses experiments underway in virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive cinema at Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB.
  • Twitch Chief Operating Officer Kevin Lin takes a look at where “TV online” is going and what it means for creators.
  • ILM Visual Effects Supervisor Russell Earl discusses the creation of Captain America: Civil War, currently number one at the worldwide box office.
  • ILM Visual Effects Supervisor/Second Unit Director Roger Guyett showcases Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

See below for the list of confirmed speakers in Animation, Visual Effects, Games and Virtual Reality:


Byron Howard – Disney, Co-Director, Zootopia will participate in several events
Keynote Talk: Evolving Zootopia
Workshop: The DNA of Disney Character Design

Brad Lewis – Producer of Warner Animation Group’s second animated feature, Storks
Keynote Talk: Storks

Conrad Vernon – Co-Director of Sony Pictures’ hit animated film for adults, Sausage Party
Keynote Talk: Directing a Career
Workshop: Storyboard Fundamentals

Mike Mitchell and Walt Dohrn – Co-Directors of Dreamworks Animation’s Trolls
Keynote Talk: Trolls

Sharon Calahan – Director of Photography, The Good Dinosaur, Pixar Animation Studios
Talk: The Visual Design of The Good Dinosaur
Workshop: Storytelling with Light

Marc Haimes – Screenplay Writer, Kubo and The Two Strings, LAIKA
Talk: The Spirit of Storytelling in Kubo & the two Strings
Workshop: Scrutinizing the Writing Process & Lifestyle: 7 Hacks To Avoid Becoming A Hack

John Halstead – Supervising Technical Director, Finding Dory, Pixar Animation Studios
Talk: Finding Hank

Audrey Ferrara – MPC on ‘Jungle Book’ for Disney
Talk: Crafting a Photoreal Jungle for Disney’s The Jungle Book

David Feiss – Director, Open Season: Scared Silly, Sony Pictures Animation
Talk: The Making Of Open Season: Scared Silly with Sony Pictures Animation Director David Feiss
Workshop: Story Boarding in Feature Animation with Sony Pictures Animation Director David Feiss

Troy Saliba – Animation Supervisor, Alice Through the Looking Glass, Sony Pictures Imageworks
Talk: Alice Through the Looking Glass
Workshop: Animation Posing and Composition

Alex Williams – Head of Animation, Escape Studios
Workshop: 3D Animation Taster

Audrey Ferrara – MPC, Environmental Supervisor, ‘Jungle Book’ for Disney
Talk: Crafting a Photoreal Jungle for Disney’s The Jungle Book


Roger Guyett – Visual Effects Supervisor / Second Unit Director, Industrial Light & Magic
Talk: The Visual Effects of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Russell Earl – Visual Effects Supervisor, Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War
Talk: Behind ILM’s Visual Effects for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War

Steve Emerson – VFX Supervisor, LAIKA
Talk: Ten Years of Visual Effects at LAIKA

Ryan Tudhope – VFX Supervisor, Deadpool
Talk: Deconstructing Deadpool’s Action Opener

Victoria Alonso – EVP, Physical Production, Marvel Studios
Talk: The Marvel Method: A look inside Marvel Studios

Deborah Fowler – Professor of Visual Effects, Savannah College of Art and Design
Workshop: Procedural Techniques using Houdini

Chris Perry – Associate Professor of Media Arts and Science at Hampshire College
Talk: New Directions for Stylized CG
Workshop: Directing the Visual Story


Luke Youngman Executive Producer / Deputy Head of Production and Felix Massie, Director, Nexus
Talk: Google Spotlight Stories – Rain or Shine

Dr. Donald Greenberg – Director of the Program of Computer Graphics at Cornell University
Keynote: VIRTUAL REALITY – What’s necessary to make it real?
Workshop: Visual Imaging in the Electronic Age

Maureen Fan – CEO, Co-Founder, Baobab Studios
Talk: Virtual Reality – Jump Into The Story

Pratik Shah – Research Scientist at MIT Media Lab
Talk: VR and Medicine: Clinical Imaging of the Human Body: For Health, Visualization and Predictive Analytics

Adam Orth – CEO and Creative Director at Three One Zero
Talk: ADR1FT and at Peace

Rob Bredow – Chief Technology Officer, Lucasfilm
Talk: Immersive Cinema: Stories from the Experiments Underway at Lucasfilm’s ILMxLAB

Brian Pullen – VR Designer at Google
Talk: Designing Daydream

Tuna Bora – Production Designer PEARL, Google Spotlight Series
Talk: Making of Pearl: Designing for Story in New Media

STORYTELLING IN VR AND GAMES panel, including Siobahan Reddy (Media Molecule), Adam Gazzaley and Matt Omernic (Akili), Kevin Lin (Twitch), Maureen Fan (Baobab Studios), Tuna Bora (Google Spotlight Series), Nicolo Tedeschi (Santa Ragione), Massimo Guarini (Ovosonico), Luca Dalco (LKA), Rob Bredow (Lucasfilm), Josh Holmes (343 Creative), and Dr. Donald Greenberg (Cornell University).


Kevin Lin – Chief Operations Officer, Twitch
Talk: Social Video: Where Audience is Part of the Content

Daryl Anselmo – Art and Creative Director at Zynga
Talk: The Emotions of Game Development

Adam Orth – CEO and Creative Director at Three One Zero
Talk: ADR1FT and at Peace

Adam Gazzaley and Matt Omernick – co-founders of AKILI Interactive Labs
Talk: Neuroscience and Video Games: A New Class of Medicine

Siobhan Reddy – Studio Director of Media Molecule (a member of Sony PlayStation Worldwide Studios)
Talk: The Future of Games

Barry Meade – Co-Founder, Business Director of Fireproof Studios
Talk: Making The Room & The Lost Business of Art

Adam Volker – Creative Director of Moonbot Studios
Talk: A Painter’s Vocabulary for Games

Daniel Fountain – Programmer, puzzle designer at State of Play
Talk: Keeping it Real, Making Video Games By Hand

Sjoerd DeJong – Education Evangelist, Epic Games
Workshop: Intro to Unreal Engine 4 – Building a VR game from scratch

Marco Mazzaglia – IT Manager, Video Game Evangelist, T-Union
Talk: Horror stories from IT: how the Information Technology can boost or destroy video games

Luis Cataldi – Education Evangelist at Epic Games
Workshop: UE4 Virtual Movie Production with Sequencer

The renowned Turin, Italy confab spans five days and includes six keynotes, talks, workshops & masterclasses, Awards and an all-new games “Bootcamp” & Accelerator program. The complete schedule with information about all the speakers and presentations is online at

In addition to showcasing these categories, VIEW CONFERENCE will also be hosting a selection of talks and workshops on jobs, hiring, tools, and training:

  • J.C. Cornwell – Director of Training and Artist Development at Sony Pictures Imageworks who will offer live portfolio review and recruitment session during a workshop entitled Portfolio review with J.C. Cornwell

And sessions showcasing storytelling, arts and artistry in the broader context, including:

  • Dr. Donald Greenberg – esteemed professor of computer graphics at Cornell University, draws on precedents from the Italian Renaissance to illustrate the strong relationship between art and science during a workshop titled, Visual Imaging in the Electronic Age.
  • A panel discussing Storytelling in the digital age: film vs TV series including Byron Howard – Co-Director, Zootopia; Conrad Vernon – Co-Director, Sausage Party; Chris Perry – Professor of Media & Arts at Hampshire College; Simone Giampaolo – Director, Blue Zoo Studios, Francesco Testa – CEO, Lastrego & Testa and Paolo Manera – Director, Piedmont Film Commission.


The VIEW Conference has also launched, and is now accepting submissions, in an exciting competition for animated short films or videogames created during 2015 and 2016. Rules and regulations can be viewed here; the deadline for submissions is September 15.


The conference’s first-ever program to offer five early-stage game companies the opportunity for mentoring and financial backing.

The VIEW 2016 Conference is made possible with the support of Compagnia Di San Paolo, Fondazione CRT, Piedmont Region, Turin’s Chamber of Commerce and the City of Turin.

Source: VIEW Conference

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