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VES Partners with ReelSurfer to Power Online Video

Press Release from the Visual Effects Society

Los Angeles, September 3, 2009 -- The Visual Effects Society (VES), the world's premiere visual effects organization, announced today that it will work with ReelSurfer, an innovative video search and interaction system, to power the video components of its members site.

The Visual Effects Society website will provide access to current and archived high-quality panels and awards ceremonies’ videos. The site will utilize ReelSurfer indexing and search technology to allow its members to find specific portions of video content by typing basic search terms. Users can then use custom ReelSurfer interaction features to communicate with other VES members through these educational videos.

ReelSurfer is an interactive video system that allows consumers to find specific parts of digital media through simple text search. Employing a unique combination of digital data processing and voice-to-text recognition, ReelSurfer can process large video archives or long-form content and allow it to be consumed in its most usable form: short, relevant segments. Rather than wasting time searching through hours of video or finding irrelevant results, users quickly uncover the crucial "30 seconds" that they actually need.

"The VES is very excited to bring a brand new level of interaction for our members with our digital video content," stated Eric Roth, Executive Director at VES. "The ability to search for specific segments of video will greatly increase the educational value of all of our videos. As always, the VES Society embraces technology innovation and is excited to make this happen.”

President of Production at Legendary Pictures and ReelSurfer advisor, Bill Fay described the ReelSurfer-VES partnership as "an important step forward in the evolution of digital video and technology. ReelSurfer provides much needed functionality and increases the value of the VES’s online video, and the VES again takes the lead as an integrator of innovative technology.”

About the VES

The VES is a non-profit, professional, honorary Society dedicated to advancing the arts, sciences and applications of digital visual effects and to upholding the highest uniform standards and procedures for the visual effects profession. Headquartered in Los Angeles, the VES is a global organization and has Sections in Australia, London, San Francisco Bay Area and Vancouver.

The VES is the entertainment industry's only official organization representing the extended community of visual effects practitioners including supervisors, artists, producers, technology developers, educators, PR/marketing specialists and studio executives. Its 1,800 global members contribute to all areas of entertainment from film, television and commercials to music videos, games and new media. The VES strives to enrich and educate its members and the entertainment community at large through many domestic and international events, screenings and programs. Visual effects professionals constitute a vital creative force in content creation and are literally shaping the future of entertainment.

About ReelSurfer

ReelSurfer represents the next level of interaction between online media content and the user. Through a proprietary data processing and indexing technology, ReelSurfer enables content providers to make their digital video more accessible, viral, and monetizable. ReelSurfer automates and accelerates the production process, minimizing time and money spent sifting through raw footage and allowing content creators to focus more energy on creative decisions. Once production is complete, content owners can easily find, access, and organize their digital content, thus optimizing the value of large digital libraries and maximizing return on potential referral revenue. With current customers including the USC School of Cinematic Arts, ReelSurfer looks forward to bringing innovative solutions to the digital media community.

Content producers in education, online video and entertainment are using ReelSurfer's technology as a white-labeled offering. Request a password to their private beta to learn how your content can monetize and enter viral loops through ReelSurfer.

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