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Varga Kicks Off The Year With Ballerina, Bean And Bosom Pals

International animation studio Varga Holdings has begun production on 13 episodes of ANGELINA BALLERINA, a 2D animated series based on the adventures of a ballet-dancing mouse. Following the successful launch of the pre-school series in October 2001 on the UK's CITV producers HIT Entertainment/Grand Slamm have requested a further 13 episodes. Delivery is scheduled for September 2002. Varga also commenced production in January 2002 on the ANGELINA BALLERINA 44-minute direct-to-video special, which will feature the voices of Academy Award winner Judi Dench and her daughter Finty Williams. Also on Varga's production schedule for 2002 are 26 episodes of Tiger Aspect's MR BEAN, one of the largest animated series currently in production in Europe. Nine episodes (18 shorts) of the series have been completed to date, with the rest currently in production at Varga's Budapest studio. Delivery of the 52-part series is scheduled for the end of 2002. Varga is also working with Tiger Aspect on BOSOM PALS based on artist Beryl Cook's paintings of buxom ladies, which has just been given the greenlight from BBC2. Two 26-minute specials are currently in production, with the first film due for delivery in December 2002 and the second in spring 2003. Varga Holdings was established in 1989 and its main studios are in London and Budapest with satellites in the Hungarian countryside, Moscow, Sofia and Bratislava.

Have you tried to dress an elephant lately? Varga's Jan Sawkins does every day! Read as she outlines the lay of the land as it applies to co-producing animated television series in Europe.