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Vampires in Havana!

The Cinema Guild has released the animation cult classic, VAMPIRES IN HAVANA! Juan Padron, best known in the US for his QUINOSCOPO shorts, directed the 1985 Cuban film which was released theatrically in the USA in 1987. VAMPIRES IN HAVANA! is a spoof of horror and gangster movies, presented in a style reminiscent of FRITZ THE CAT. It features Professor von Dracula, a vampire scientist who leaves Transylvania for Cuba where he invents "Vampisol," a potion that allows vampires to live in sunlight. When the professor announces that he intends to donate the formula to vampires throughout the world, the Vampire Mafia from Chicago and the European Group of Vampires from Dusseldorf try to muscle in and steal the formula. This VHS release is in Spanish with English subtitles and retails for $69.95. For further information contact The Cinema Guild in the USA at 1-800-723-5522; or by e-mail at; also visit