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V-Ray for Softimage Now Available

Chaos Group announces V-Ray for Autodesk Softimage, the newest addition to the company’s suite of innovative rendering solutions.

Press release from Chaos Group:

Sofia, Bulgaria – Chaos Group announces V-Ray for Autodesk Softimage, the newest addition to the company’s suite of innovative rendering solutions. With support for Softimage’s award-winning ICE system, dynamic geometry, and V-Ray Proxy objects, V-Ray for Softimage supports the size and complexity of even the most demanding scenes. Its physically based toolset, including versatile shaders, lights, and cameras, makes it possible to standardize rendering workflow with the quality, speed, and stability of the V-Ray core.

“The future of high-end VFX work lies in integration: a single pipeline with multiple modeling applications. V-Ray for Softimage brings that vision a step closer. The power of ICE, the elegant animation and rigging tools now work with the most advanced renderer on the market. ‘One V-Ray on all platforms’ is a strategy that makes sense for small and large 3D shops alike,” said Kamen Lilov, Chaos Group Product Manager, V-Ray for Softimage.

Key Features in V-Ray for Softimage

Geometry -- Render particles, strands, hair, and geometry produced by Softimage’s award-winning ICE system. -- Manage scene memory and efficiently render massive amounts of geometry with V-Ray Proxy. -- Render dynamic geometry such as displacement, proxy objects, fur, and hair. -- Use all geometry animation and deformations applied through animated parameters and key frames, the Animation Mixer, and ICE-based simulations.

Shading -- Create materials based on physical properties using V-Ray’s versatile shaders. -- Use built-in Render Tree procedural shaders, computational, and logic nodes. -- Simplify the texturing process and eliminate the need to assign UVs using Ptex. -- Simplify the creation of complex multi-layered automotive paints using the VRayCarPaintMtl. -- Render hair and fur with unprecedented control, quality, and speed using the VRayHairMtl.

Lights & Illumination -- Create simple, artifact-free image-based lighting using the Dome Light. -- Create realistic illumination using physically-based lights, including IES lights and texture-mapped area lights. -- Emulate real-world atmospheric lighting conditions using the V-Ray Sun and Sky system.

Cameras & Optics -- Render true 3D motion blur using the V-Ray Physical Camera -- Create fast and accurate depth of field with bokeh effects using the V-Ray Physical Camera -- Import displacement maps from Nuke to match lens distortion

V-Ray for Softimage demo and tutorial videos are available at the Chaos Group website. Chaos Group encourages users to submit artwork created using V-Ray for Softimage for its online gallery at

About Chaos Group

Chaos Group is a leading provider of innovative rendering solutions for the media, entertainment and design industries. For over a decade our flagship rendering software, V-Ray®, has set the standard for speed, quality, reliability and ease of use, and it has become the rendering engine of choice for renowned international studios. We work closely with our customers from around the world to ensure we’re creating the best tools for their workflow.

Inspired by their imaginative creations, we passionately pursue advances in rendering technology and continue to improve the software needed to communicate their vision.

We proudly support the 3D community with our advanced software solutions: V-Ray® for Autodesk® 3ds Max®, V-Ray® for Autodesk® Maya®, V-Ray® for Autodesk® Softimage®, V-Ray® for Rhino®, V-Ray® for SketchUp®, Phoenix FD and Pdplayer.

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